Available 19. July 2022

Your Guide to Connecting Deeply


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 Part I

My Journey to Sharing Presence


 tells the story of Jason's spiritual awakening, how he discovered the power of living a fully present life, and began practicing presence with others in his personal relationships and his workshops.

Part II

Your Guide to Sharing Presence


 explores how you can initiate a shared experience of presence with your friends, family, or a lover. Through simple, powerful silent and speaking exercises you will learn how to practice presence.

Part III

Master the Flow of Giving and Receiving


explores the most essential dynamic in all relationships. By becoming a conscious giver and receiver you will learn how to cultivate presence in any type of interaction.

Part IV

The Sharing Presence Workshop


offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls. You will learn of the workshop's purpose and intent, and the possibility of becoming a certified facilitator.

Your Book Companion

The Online Course is based on Part II of the Book, which makes it a perfect addition to your reading experience. All exercises presented in the book are demonstrated by 15 pairs of people, ranging from lovers, close friends, parent and child and strangers. It's inspiring and emotional to see the power of sharing presence come to life. This online course will support your practice immensely.

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Available 19. July 2022

Paper - Hardcover

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Available 19. July 2022

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Available 19. July 2022

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