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Let's practice: sharing presence

Being fully present with another person is not always easy, especially if we don't know how to conduct this experience. Or you may feel there is no one to practice with! But that's not true, I am here and I'm sure many other souls are also longing for this experience.

If your heart wishes to share presence with me, then we can have a private practice session. In our time together we will practice silent and speaking exercises that invite us to be fully present with each other. Our intention is to be in the purity of presence, so we won't be focusing on any personal stories.

Our session can also focus on your daily practice of presence. I am happy to offer guidance on the daily challenges you experience. We can also focus on how to practice sharing presence with the people in your life.

Guidance for Lovers, Family, Friends

Initiating an experience of sharing presence with a lover, your child, family or friends can feel like a challenge, especially if we don't feel confident or taken seriously by the other. 

I love guiding two people into a deep experience of shared presence and it's my honour to be your personal guide. For our session, you can invite any person you wish to be your practice partner. I will guide you through a series of silent and speaking exercises during our session.

This session can be beneficial for any relationship that needs healing. It's an invitation to connect deeply, beyond the daily patterns of relating. If you want to join with your lover, we can also bring focus on how you can nourish more intimacy into your relationship.

Personal Mentoring

Speaking to the right person about our life's challenges and traumas can often make a huge difference in how we feel about something. If someone can meet you in the purity of presence then most likely you will be met by truth and clarity.

My intention is to be a conscious mirror – one that invites you to see yourself more deeply and perceive any life situation with greater clarity, honesty and integrity. I offer a genuine 'listening space' that gives permission for anything inside you to rise to the surface and be met with compassion. 

Our session can be used to address a specific question or topic, or to simply be present to whatever arises in the moment. You are free to express any thoughts and emotions that may be causing some form of stress, pain or suffering in you. Our goal is to hear the voice of your heart from a place of presence.

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Briefly explain your chosen session and your intention. I will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your wishes and arrange a suitable time.

My sessions are mostly via video call. In-person is possible if we are at the same location. Longer sessions or multiple sessions can be arranged.

With some clients, I meet weekly or monthly, or at longer intervals when they reach a point in their lives that is asking for a deeper reflection.

Price: £ 80 for 60-75 minutes