You are Presence

We all are beings of presence, whether we recognize it or not. It's the essence of who we are. And we all can feel this presence. We all have found ourselves immersed in presence — that moment of being fully present in the now – we experience an intense aliveness, a state of no thoughts, just pure awareness. We feel awake, open and detached from our story and ego.

A Simple Practice

for Everyone

Everyone can learn to consciously share their presence. This is the power of our practice. It's for everyone! It's not tied to a religion, a belief or an opinion. It's a simple intention you can practice with any person you interact. You can invite others to consciously practice sharing presence with you. But you can also do this silently. It doesn't require others to actively participate. Your presence speaks without having to be announced! It's your true power. So let it shine, let it be known for who you really are.

Our Intention

In our practice we focus on one simple intention: to share presence. Whatever we do or say during this time is always secondary. What matters most is our shared experience of being in presence. To help us embody this intention, we practice powerful exercises that bring us together in the most intimate way and invite us to experience the deepest sharing of who we are.

Our Experience

When we share presence with someone, we become aware of a much deeper dimension inside us but also in the other. We begin to feel our shared essence. Our egos may resist this feeling at first, but from the moment we feel safe enough to let down our barriers or masks, we allow ourselves to be seen for who we truly are. We also see the other for who they really are. We experience true love and discover that we are not separate, but one being of consciousness.

How do we share presence?

We can share presence in many ways. The following are some of the core pathways we practice.

Being in Presence

We learn to communicate without the noise of words and discover the language of our presence.

Communicating in Presence

We learn to consciously express our feelings and thoughts without our egos taking over.

Witnessing in Presence

We learn to become a conscious observer of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning and the ego.

Relaxing in Presence

We explore a variety of exercises that effortlessly invite us to experience inner peace and calm.

Moving in Presence

Our body is our gateway into presence – we learn to sense the aliveness of the present moment.  

Healing in Presence

We learn to express challenging feelings and thoughts that are buried alive inside us.