A community of presence

Let's Grow Together in Presence

The Sharing Presence Workshop is the perfect place to help us grow in our daily practice of presence. By joining a weekly group, you can deepen your experience of presence with like-minded souls.

We need more places in our society that nurture our interconnectedness and the Sharing Presence Workshop offers us a place where we can experience a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Jason's vision for Sharing Presence 

Our practice is not attached to one spiritual teacher. We are all present as teacher and student. We are all equals in the sharing of our deepest essence.

If you are dedicated to living a conscious life and feel a desire to helping others discover the power of shared presence, then you have the unique opportunity to express your calling as a certified Sharing Presence Facilitator.

Join Jason in becoming an awakened force in the lives of others. Together, we can expand this practice, from one person to another, from one group to another‚ÄĒending our sense of separation and uniting us as one family.

Become a certified Facilitator

If you wish to offer your local community the opportunity to meet on a regular basis and deepen your shared practice of presence, then join Jason's certified facilitator program.

As a certified Facilitator you can:

  • host the Sharing Presence Workshop anywhere in the world
  • create a local Sharing Presence Group that meets on a regularly
  • have your events advertised through our website and have a designated facilitator page.
  • offer designated workshops to local communities, workplaces, schools, elderly homes, etc.¬†

Join the training program

Jason offers a certified Facilitator training program once his waiting list reaches a minimum of 6 committed future facilitators. Attendance must be in person and we aim to accommodate the best location for everyone. The training consists of a 5 day long in-person training and 4 online sessions. To apply, contact Jason.

Connect with Jason 

if your heart wishes to become a certified Facilitator.