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An Invitation to Connect Deeply

Discover how to be fully present with with your lover, family, friends, work colleagues or even a stranger.


Discover the gift of presence and learn to share it through Jason's guidance.

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Online Course

An engaging program empowering you to share presence with the people you love. 

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Experience the power of sharing  presence through simple yet powerful exercises.

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Connect deeply with others at one of Jason's immersive retreats for sharing presence. 

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A Practice for Everyone

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 Free Guided Meditation

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Anya Bumagina

"It's the place where I feel seen and heard for who I really am, such a treasure nowadays"

Andy Sudermann

"Transformative! I arrive feeling closed and separate, but leave feeling open and connected."

Gayatri Beegan

"Jason is a natural leader, his presence invites everyone to experience their own presence"

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