Hello, I'm Jason Lee Mitchell.


My deepest desire is to share presence with you – to acknowledge who you truly are.

My Journey to Sharing Presence

Jason is a theatre and film director, mindfulness teacher and author. Since 2008 he has been teaching his Sharing Presence Practice around the world. 

Finding my Passion

At the age of 13, I began writing and directing my own plays, as well as playing the main lead. Without previous experience, I discovered a passion inside me that simply knew how to perform these roles. Ever since, I continued following this passion talent. I studied Directing at the prestigious Drama Centre London. Creating conscious films and plays remains my greatest passion in life and the place where I experience the fullest expression of who I am.

My Awakening

In April 2007, at the age of 21, I experienced a life-changing shift in consciousness while reading Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now". I discovered Presence to be my true nature, which shifted my entire sense of self and identity. I perceived life from a whole new perspective, with a deep understanding of our ego (our false sense of self) and why we as human beings act and behave the way we do. From this moment onwards my life began to take a whole new direction.

My Deepest Desire

In January 2008, I felt a burning desire to connect with people in presence. So I created my own workshop, inviting like-minded souls to share presence. I began offering my workshops around the world and witnessed everywhere its transformative power. People were clearly waiting for the opportunity to connect in presence. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the practice of sharing presence, so that more lives can be nurtured and awakened.

The Call to Write

In 2009, the call to write a book on sharing presence became louder and louder. I literary felt pregnant with a book. But I was afraid. I didn't believe that I had the ability to be an author. But eventually I surrendered form all self-limiting beliefs and devoted myself completely to giving birth of the book. It has taken me 10 years, one of my greatest challenges in life, but also a creation I am most proud of. I trust it will inspire many people to share who they really are.



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Jason offers workshops and retreats for a variety of settings in which people interact and connect. His workshops invite all participants to experience the power of being fully present with each other. Anyone can experience the rewarding benefits of feeling truly seen and heard. Contact us if you would like Jason to facilitate a workshop or retreat.