Hello, I'm Jason Lee Mitchell.


Welcome to my world. My deepest desire is to share presence with you – to see and feel your true self. It's simple, yet profound!

Teacher of Presence

In 2007, at the age of 21, I experienced a life-changing shift in consciousness while reading Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now". I discovered Presence to be my true nature, which shifted my entire sense of self and identity. My life began to take a whole new direction. My relationship towards my mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions transformed completely. I became fully committed to living a conscious and aware life.

In 2008, I felt a burning desire to connect with people through the power of presence. I created the Sharing Presence Workshop, inviting people to experience one of the most intimate and rewarding experiences of togetherness. I have devoted my life to this practice and offer my Workshops all over the world. My heart is open to sharing our deepest essence - Presence. Join me!


Director, Actor, Writer & Photographer

At the age of 13, I first discovered my passion for Directing, Acting and Writing. I stepped into these roles with a natural confidence as if I had always played them. Throughout my teenage years, I created my own theatre productions and went on to study Theatre Production at London South Bank University and Directing at the prestigious Drama Centre London of Central Saint Martins University.

Film and theatre is the place where I experience the fullest expression of who I am and it's the medium through which my purpose and talent can speak most powerfully. In every project I work on, it's always my core intention to awaken people's state of consciousness. Capturing people's souls through the power of still image is my newest passion in recent years.



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I offer workshops and retreats for a variety of settings in which people interact and connect. I invite participants to experience the power of being fully present with one another. Anyone can appreciate the rewarding benefits of being truly seen and heard. Get in touch if you would like me to facilitate a workshop or retreat.