The Sharing Presence Workshop

Relate Authentically

Discover the power of coming together to share presence at Jason's Workshops. Through simple yet powerful exercises we learn how to be fully present with each other. We dissolve all feelings of separation and discover our shared essence. Since 2008 Jason has been offering his workshops around the world.

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Experience a Togetherness of Presence

Join In-Person

Discover the power of coming together to share presence with like-minded others. Jason offers workshops around the world in peaceful and beautiful spaces. Workshops range from 4 hours to one or two-day events and are usually limited to 30-40 participants.



Join Online

Experience the power of sharing presence from the comfort of your home. Jason offers two types of online workshops: one for people attending alone and the other for those attending with an exercise partner, such as a lover, family member or friend. We meet via, a fun, innovative platform for people to gather, interact and connect online. 


Community Workshops: 

Jason offers workshops for a variety of settings and communities in which people interact and connect.

For Co-workers

In this workshop, employees are given permission to step outside their 'working roles' and simply share who they really are. The outcome? An honest and authentic connection that will positively impact future dynamics in the workplace.

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For Children & Teenagers

6 to 18 year old will love the playful nature of the workshop, while simultaneously being invited into a conscious relationship with themselves and their classmates. The outcome: an increased sense of self-awareness and groundedness in their body.

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For German Speakers

Jason also offers workshops in german since he grew up bilingual and speaks fluently german. You can join his workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Learn more about these on his german page.


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For Seniors

Sharing Presence is a perfect invitation for seniors to connect more deeply. Through gentle and simple exercises we practice the art of being seen and heard for who we truly are. An experience many will appreciate, especially if they are living in a place where connection is not nurtured or provided. 

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For Men

Connect with other men in a meaningful way. In this workshop we practice expressing our feelings and vulnerability in a safe and open communication. We engage through exercises that invite us to feel a sense of union and belonging. 


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For Lovers

When two lovers are fully present to each other – true love can emerge. In this workshop lovers are invited into a deeper, more intimate experience of togetherness. Through different exercises we practice how to bring more awareness into our daily communication and reactive patterns.

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Invite Jason

Get in touch if you would like Jason to facilitate a workshop at your organization, school, workplace, elderly home, etc. Workshops can be offered from 2 hours to full-day workshop or even a two-day event. We can discuss what would best suit your wishes and needs. 

People's Experience

"The best thing you can do is to leave your ego at the door. The exercises invite you into a place of absolute presence and stillness. You feel a deep sense of connectedness to everyone and you find yourself exposed to the true power of presence. It truly is a wondrous experience."

James Barber

"The workshop is overflowing with aliveness! There quickly becomes the realization that all you need and all you will ever need is within you right now...such an amazing and pure feeling. For this I have much gratitude for and I am truly inspired every time."

Caroline Godfrey

"Jason's workshop breaks down the boundaries between people. It was intimate, eye-opening and yet safe. Surely the world is in great need of more profound experiences like this. It was transformational and puts the ideas of presence into form (so to speak)."

Reinaldo Bellinello