Learn to Connect Deeply 

Discover how to share presence with your lover, family members, friends, or even work colleagues. Jason's course is empowering, emotional, and transformative. It will inspire you to initiate deep and meaningful experiences of togetherness.

Do you long for deeper, more meaningful connections?

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Course Features

Partner Exercises

Choose between silent and speaking exercises for your sharing presence practice.

Guidance by Jason

Jason offers step-by-step instructions for each exercise and daily practice suggestions.

Exercise Demonstrations

15 couples — lovers, friends, mother and child, strangers – demonstrate the exercises to you.


Watch and be inspired to read poetic exercise passages from the Sharing Presence Book.

Free Workshop

Get free access to one of Jason's Online Workshops and share presence with meet like-minded others.

Community Group

Connect with course members and share your experience via the course or our private FB Group.

A unique, inspiring and uplifting Course

This Online Course is not only educational, but incredibly emotional. Unlike traditional courses that are mainly lead by one teacher lecturing, much of the content shows real people practising the exercises included in the course—you’ll feel as if you’re actually experiencing the exercise! Watching everyone share presence is calming, soothing, uplifting, encouraging and entertaining.

Step-by-step Guidance

Jason will provide clear instructions on how to invite others to share presence and most importantly, what to propose doing. He will guide you through each of the exercises, so you can feel empowered to practice presence with anyone - may it be with your lover, child, family, friends or work collegues.

Free Sample

Practice Jason's Guided meditation alone or with another person.  

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In addition to accessing the course via any web browser, you can also download the Kajabi mobile app for free and enjoy the course from your smartphone or tablet.

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What you'll receive:

  • 102 inspiring Videos
  • 5 hours of video content
  • 10 Partner Exercises
  • 1 Guided Meditation
  • Exercise Demonstrations by 13 pairs of people
  • Exercise Instructions by Jason
  • Guidance on how to share presence by Jason
  • Daily Practice Suggestions for each exercise by Jason
  • Watch poetry passages for setting intention and inviting reflection from the Sharing Presence Book
  • Poetry reading material to download as PDF
  • Get free Access to one of Jason's Online Workshops (worth £ 25-35)
  • Join our Facebook Community Group
  • Access to the course from everywhere, through our website or Mobile App
  • Lifetime Access

Course Companion

The Online Course is based on Part II of the Sharing Presence book, which makes the book a perfect addition to your practice. It expands on all themes mentioned in the course and it's great to use while practicing one of the exercises with a partner. 

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